Pacific Regent's transportation services provide scheduled rides or transport to planned activities.  The fleet includes two cars and two luxury buses.  Transportation services are available seven days a week depending on space availability and planned events.
Personal services transportation is available Monday – Friday, between 8am and 4pm. Transportation must be reserved in advance by contacting the staff at the front desk and are limited to sites within 12 miles of Pacific Regent by odometer. Personal services transportation is provided exclusively for PR residents and there can be no more than 4 passengers in the car per trip. Return transportation must be completed by 4:30pm.  
On weekends, service is limited to conveying residents to religious service when reserved in advance.
Personal service may be requested for individual needs and may be authorized if a vehicle is available. No special fee is charged for authorized personal services. Transportation needs are not limited to shopping, medical and dental appointments, salon appointments, and religious services.